Your Dog Can Be Better

Covid 19 changes:

This is a great time to be working with your dogs on their training so let me help! 


If you are still stuck at home and have time lets get your dogs something to learn.

I am returning to in home sessions as of 6/18/2020

I will be washing my hands at the beginning of each session as well as wearing a mask to insure your safety unless a dog has a problem with the mask.

Roger Lancaster

Vancouver WA

She didn't just help us to train our dogs,  she also taught us how to understand them better and how to communicate with them. Our entire pack is so much closer and happier now. I have recommended her to anyone

Prarthana Jayaram

Portland Or

After carefully observing and working with us for a few sessions, she was armed with a whole host of strategies to combat Chip's leash aggression and socialization issues. Through regular weekly sessions, she helped us get through the worst of Chip's bad behavior, do some remedial dog socialization and work through leash aggression. 

We are learning together, and I can see clear improvements since we first met Debbie.

Does Your Dog Struggle with Any of These:

Pulling on the leash

Coming when called

Jumping up




Door Dashing

Counter Surfing

Leash Aggression

Potty Training

AKC CGC Canine Good Citizen
With Guidance Your Dog Can Learn
By understanding the world
through your dogs eyes
you will build a bond of trust.
Our customized training programs
will guide you and your dog
We work on each individual dog
and their unique difficulties 
to find a unique solution.   
The core of a great training program
is patience and practice.
We can help guide you
into a better understanding
of your dog. 
Your dog can be better.
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