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Cats are wired a little different from dogs. They like to please like dogs do but they have to do it on their terms and they definitely have to get something else out of it. The hardest part about training cats it they get distracted very easily so you have to work with what you have. Using treats will help motivate them as well as doing very short sessions. It can be done my cat Quinn (seen in the image) sits and trains right along with my dogs...when he feels like it.  


Working with behavioral problems is more difficult because they have difficult dispositions. For example they will pee on your bed if they see that one cat outside once. This is how I can help.


I grew up around cats I have not lived without a cat for very long in my life. Working the pet store I helped a lot of distraught owners. The number one thing they couldn't stand? Cat pee! Cats use their pee to communicate. If they are scared or frustrated they find the spot that smells most like you and add their smell. Most of the time they do this, not to make you mad, but to tell you something important (well they think so anyway).

The consult will consist of me coming to your home hearing your problems you are having with your cat family member(s) and providing you with solutions. I can show you how to walk your cat outside as well as help ease tensions between family members.

Cat Training
Cat Behavioral Consult

Problems solved: inappropriate scratching, in appropriate eliminating, night time prowling, and fighting among house mates. As well as walking on a leash and behaviors like Sit and Come.



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