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What is a Pack Walk?

Dog Walking
Starting Saturday April 29 at 11am

A pack walk is a group of dogs and their owners walk under the supervision and guidance of the dog trainer.
Pack walks are good for most dogs. From the pullers and the excitable ones, to the more experienced canines.

Each walk lasts from 45 min to 60 mins

This is a free service to promote better socialization and help dogs practice

It’s a fun way for your pet to exercise, learn to tolerate other dogs, and develop your leash training skills.

Why are pack walks beneficial?

Dogs have a strong instinctual need to socialize and explore the world. Many dogs are reactive to other dogs, but they still have a need to get out and socialize. Guided pack walks can safely socialize your family member, without risking physical confrontation. Even though the dogs are not physically touching each other, they can smell and see the other dogs which is a wonderful way to begin socialization.

Closeup of a Black Dog

What to Expect

  • Dogs walk in a long line at first. By the end of the walk, some dogs bunch up together as walking buddies and some dogs just enjoy the feelings of the walk from a safe distance.

  • No dog introductions nose to nose, leashes can cause frustration aggression and safety is important so there is positive associations with new dogs.

  • The a successful pack walk involves calm and steady movement. Once they are moving they tend to level out from initial excitement.

  • Following the rules will guarantee a successful experience (see below).

  • Every dog is different: some dogs will walk side-by-side after the first 15 minutes, but other dogs may need a few pack walks to get there. Some dogs may need to walk at a greater distance or they have a bad day and cannot walk. No judging here!

Doggie Stay


So everyone can enjoy the walk safely and to set our dogs up for success, we need you to follow the rules.

  • No face-to-face introductions ever! No sniffing. We promise that just being near each other will be good enough. Dogs should have minimal interaction with each other, because they should be focused on their people and where they’re going.

  • One dog per handler

  • Family members are welcome to join the walks, but only one person is allowed to handle the dog

  • Only adults (18+) are allowed to handle the dogs on our walks

  • No retractable leashes

  • Respect space

  • You’ll receive a 5 minute warning before the water break so you can spread out again in your 5’ bubble while we stop. Even dogs who were walking side-by-side are still not allowed to greet each other during the water break.

  • If you are not following rules you can be sent to the back or asked to leave.

Doggie Stay
Dog Walking
Couple with Dogs
What to do when I arrive
  • You will give you a designated space to wait with your dog.

  • Some dogs will become very anxious or excited while waiting, but once the pack gets walking things will calm down.

  • During this time, you’ll check in with the leader and select an appropriate cloth flag to attach to your leash:

    • blue = no dog aggression.

    • yellow = shy/fearful.

    • orange = I have leash/dog aggression.

    • red = do not approach!

  • You will be put in an order that makes the most sense for the dogs who are there although this may change as the walk goes on.

  • Do not treat other dogs unless you ask the owner.

What should I bring?
  • A small backpack

  • Water bottle and small water dish for a scheduled water break

  • Poop bags

  • Proper harness, collar, and leash, muzzle if your dog needs

  • High value treats (hot dogs, cheese, beef jerky, lunch meat, etc.)

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

  • Make sure your dog has had their monthly flea and tick treatment

  • Your camera! We definitely approve of you promoting the experience and promoting our walk.

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