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Covid 19 changes:

Masks are now optional during sessions and classes

but if you request I wear one I will happily do so.

Patient Pawz Dog Training
Common Issues I Help Solve:

Pulling on the leash

Coming when called

Jumping up




Door Dashing

Counter Surfing

and just about anything you need to cover.

Patient Pawz Dog Training

My methods revolve around positive reinforcement and reward based training.

We start with treats and "paying" them for doing correct behaviors.

It encourages them to continue to do the right things.


Doing it in a 10 min session once a day helps to focus on your dog.

But looking for teachable moments will help them learn through out the day. Things you can work into your routine to make your life easier.


For example: when you put their food down have them sit and wait.  or when you are picking up their poops have them "stay". I work to help you and your fur baby live the best and healthiest life.

How We Can Work Together
Smart Dog

How It Works

  • In Home Training 

    • I come to your home where you and your dog are the most comfortable.

    • I teach and guide you how to work with your dog 

    • We work on exactly what you want to work on each session

    • You practice and work with them between sessions.

    • This promotes a better understanding and bond between you and your dog.  ​

    • Flexible schedule however you like once a week or once month whatever works for your schedule.

    • Convenient weekend and evening availability

  • Classes

    • Work and practice behaviors in a group of dogs to improve your own abilities​.

    • Canine Good Citizen, Pack Walks, Doggy Playdates

The Canine Good Citizen is The American Kennel Clubs test to evaluate your dogs ability to handle every situation calmly and politely.

I am both a teacher and evaluater for this program.

I test for the STAR, CGC, CGCA, and CGCU.

Canine Good Citizen
Contact Us For Long Term Solutions 

(Credit Cards and PayPal Accepted)

Patient Pawz Dog Training

Treats, Toys, environmental rewards

Flat Collars

Martingale Collars


Front Clip Harnesses

Head Collars

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