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Jumping for Joy

One of the most difficult problem behaviors for many dogs is Jumping.

Jumping on people jumping on dogs jumping on everything.

Why do dogs jump? The short answer: for attention.

The attention does not have to be good attention either. Pushing them away and telling them "no" can be the attention they are looking for.

What Encourages Jumping:

  • People reacting to their jump.

  • pushing them away, making noises, ect

  • Playing with a new puppy

  • Food (in the case of counter surfing which I will go over in a later post)

How to Discourage Jumping on People:

  • Don't react

  • Ignore

  • Turn your back

  • Go back outside the door

  • Stand up

  • Ask for a wanted behavior ("sit")

  • Instruct all visitors to your home to do the same

  • No jumping on people even during play. Dogs have a hard time understanding the difference between play and not play.

  • If a visitor cannot ignore the dog (small children or elderly for example) have a distract item ready (outside the door or on you.)

  • Shakey Can (aluminum can filled with 13 pennies)

  • Water Bottle

  • Air Cannon

  • Use this sparingly or it will lose effectiveness.

  • Always pair it with a positive. Ask for a "sit" and reward so they know what they should do.

  • When ever you see a dog on the walk have your dog sit and stay until the dog approaches and given an "ok" to greet.

  • Be strong when it comes to people greeting your dog. They may say they are ok with it but you are teaching your dog manners. They should respect that and not continue encouraging the jump

Jumping on dogs and counter surfing are two completely diffent subjects but this is a start to help with one of the most difficult problem behaviors to master.

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