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Monthly Events

Puppy Social Hours

April 07, 2017


Bring your puppy to dog parks to have them play under supervision of a dog trainer.

Message to RSVP and please include the size and age of your dog.

Proof of Current Vaccines need to be on your person.

Pack Walk

March 26, 2017

Bring your dog to walk as a group with other dogs. This helps with leash aggression, excessive leash pulling, and much more. This happens because they see other dogs walking nicely and learn that is how they should walk. Even if you don't think your dog could do it or are unsure. I will be there to guide you as well. We will walk down the river walk as a group. 

Third Event coming soon

May 28, 2023

Have an idea or request for an event? Message me I will make it work

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